The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau Board of Directors approved the formation of the Santa Clara Chamber Political Action Committee (SCCPAC) in March 2010.  The SCCPAC operates as a separate organization (IE #1327039) with a separate Board of Directors and is separately funded from the Chamber.  No Santa Clara Chamber membership dues or funds will be utilized for the SCCPAC.  All funds collected for the SCCPAC are done through separate donations and gifts.


The Santa Clara Chamber PAC takes pride in building and maintaining a community that is business friendly.  As a result, we keep a tight eye on all upcoming elections and the candidates to ensure Santa Clara remains as the Silicon Valley’s most influential city!


Please contact David D. Tobkin at (408) 247-7642 or sccpac@msn.com for questions about the SCCPAC.



of the SCCPAC:

The SCCPAC engaged in the 2010 Santa Clara City Council elections and re-elections of Patricia Mahan, Pat Kolstad, Teresa O’Neill and Mayor Jamie Matthews.


Supported 3 of the 4 candidates elected for City Council plus the City Clerk in the 2012 Santa Clara elections.


The SCCPAC successfully supported Pat Kolstad for Seat 2, Jamie Matthews as Mayor and Dominic Caserta for Seat 5 in the 2014 City Council elections.  The SCCPAC interviewed the candidates for the Santa Clara Unified School District and changed the outlook of the Board.


The SCCPAC interviewed candidates for the 2016 Santa Clara City Council elections and Santa Clara Unified School District.  Six of the seven candidates endorsed by the SCCPAC were elected.


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